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I just returned from the hometown of my wife and kids and I thought I’d share an interesting story from this small town in the rugged Ozarks of northwest Arkansas. Several years ago, I worked on a project with the Genealogical Department of the Boone County Library, where I needed to scan hundreds of old photographs of the area and its inhabitants, dating back to the 1800s. I restored a few of these images to bring this story back to life.

Above is William J. Myers, the bank president in Harrison, who gunned down the notorious bank robber, horse thief, and silent film actor, Henry Starr, on February 18, 1921.

During his thirty-two years in crime, Henry Starr robbed more banks than the James-Younger Gang and the Doolin-Dalton Gang put together. “The Cherokee Badman” netted over $60,000 from more than twenty-one bank robberies.

He started robbing banks on horseback in 1893. After going to prison in 1915 in Arizona, Starr published his autobiography, THRILLING EVENTS: LIFE OF HENRY STARR. Upon his release on parole, Starr even portrayed himself in the silent film, A DEBTOR TO THE LAW (1919). Starr was also the first bank robber in the United States to use an automobile for getaways. He ended up robbing his last with an automobile when he met his fate in Harrison, Arkansas.

Myers shot Starr with a .38 caliber Winchester rifle, 1873 model, during a robbery attempt. It was a gutshot, and Starr died from his wound three days later.

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