Photo Restorations

Today’s restoration features this passport photo of my Great-Grandma Papagni taken in the late 1970s. She was on her way to visit Italy, her homeland. Born in 1899, Angelina immigrated to California in 1919 – to meet her betrothed husband, Mauro. For decades they lived their lives and raised their children on a farm in the Central Valley.

When I was in kindergarten at Homan Elementary in Fresno, Grandma lived in a house on Brown Ave. just a few blocks away. I would get done with Mrs. Ford’s class at 11 AM and walk the few blocks to Grandma’s. Over the next couple hours, I would sit at the kitchen table as Grandma sliced fresh tomato and some homemade bread, then she’d scramble a couple eggs in olive oil. She’d sit with me at the table as I’d eat and we’d talk. She spoke in broken English, heavy with accent, slipping in and out of Italian. She would laugh at my stories and I’d laugh at hers and then she’d pinch my cheek real hard and call me her “chickadee.” Us great-grandkids were all her little chickadees. I’ll always cherish those mornings with Grandma Papagni.

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Film Restorations

Take a trip back in time to 1967 with Papa Tollie Sutterfield in Northwest Arkansas. These are his restored Super 8mm films:


  1. Linda’s baccalaureate at Sue’s dad’s Part 1 of Graduation (May 1967)
  2. Last Part of Linda’s graduation (May 11, 1967)
  3. Marshall graduation; Tolisa was flower girl at Bro. S during our revival at Calico (May 1967)
  4. At Bro. S at Norfork Dam and Fish Hatchery and our anniversary picture (May 1967)
  5. Picnic and fishing trip (June 1967) – Sue’s dad’s cattle – Missionettes at Hot Springs
  6. Sue and her family at Blanchard; Baptismal service at Big Creek – James Sutterfield helped at service; Taking Missionettes to Hot Springs; Baptismal June and July
  7. Morrow reunion at Big Flat; Thomas and Tollie J. playing; Naona and Richard leaving; Children’s crusade with Sis. S (August 1967)
  8. Billy and Betty R and me at Blanchard Springs; Sutterfield reunion near Big Creek (Sept. 1967); Puppies
  9. Sue’s Dad’s cattle and grandparents.
  10. Talmai’s birthday; puppies playing (Sept.); Sue’s 25th birthday
  11. Deer hunt, 9 point buck that I killed, squirrel hunt (Nov.-Dec.)
  12. Christmas 1967; Sunday school classes opening presents; First part of Christmas play
  13. Last part of Christmas play; Tolisa and Tollie J. opening their first Christmas gifts, etc.
  14. At Sue’s parents opening presents; Tollie J. opening presents
  15. Tollie J. and Tolisa opening presents
  16. Dad, mom, Talmai and Joel opening presents at our house; Opened presents from church; kids playing
  17. Dad’s 71st birthday at Big Flat; Kids playing in snow


Film Restorations

Take a trip back in time to 1975 to the Buffalo National River, Dog Patch, Six Flags, and more. These are Papa Tollie Sutterfield’s restored Super 8mm films.


  1. February – Tollie J 10th Birthday
  2. March – Playing in Snow
  3. May – Marshall Children Church Picnic at Buffalo Park
  4. May – Senior Banquet for Marshall and Leslie Seniors / Dog Patch
  5. July – Dog Patch / Marshall Bus Dedication
  6. July – Tollie 35th Birthday at Buffalo Park / First Trip to St. Louis Ferry
  7. July – Six Flags
  8. July – Six Flags
  9. July – Six Flags / St. Louis Zoo
  10. August – St. Louis Zoo
  11. August – Six Flags / Farewell Church Dinner
  12. August – Farewell Church Dinner
  13. August – Moving to Batavia Assembly of God
  14. August – Sue Working on Marshall Church / Tolisa Modeling / Picnic at Buffalo Park
  15. August – Water Baptismal at Big Creek
  16. September – Silver Dollar City / Marshall Church Group
  17. October – Tollie J Riding Horse
  18. December – Kids Crusade
    19-27 – Christmas
  19. Working on Church Building