Mesa Verde - 1963 - Edited


Photo Restorations

I recently uncovered a treasure trove of old family photos my grandmom left behind. From black and white images to color slides to old negatives, I’ve been going through them and restoring a select few. I recently acquired the equipment in my studio to develop old negatives and other mediums and getting all this practice has been helpful … and quite the trip down memory lane.

Restoring Old Slides
Restoring Old Slides

The image below is a photograph my granddad took of a canyon in Mesa Verde National Park in July 1963. This is the original scan:

Mesa Verde - 1963 - Original
Mesa Verde – 1963 – Original

Below is the restored version of the above image:

Mesa Verde - 1963 - Edited
Mesa Verde – 1963 – Edited

But the real story here is that upon developing this old slide, I recognized this canyon. I was there in 2018 and damn near took the exact same photo:

Mesa Verde - 2018
Mesa Verde – 2018

It’s uncanny – we were at the same spot at the same time of day, framed the picture the same and everything. He had better light, though, so I think he took the better photo.

But perhaps the real story here is that I didn’t know my granddad very well, and yet I’ve been told my whole life that he and I are remarkably similar. As I’m developing these old slides and negatives, I’m seeing things through his eyes, and I’m discovering how true that assessment is.

Life is one big road trip, y’all.

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