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One of my favorite aspects of photography is location scouting. Recently I’ve been looking for local spots to shoot portraits. Being new to the area that’s been challenging, but fun.

Not too long ago I became a member of Professional Photographers of America and I was checking out some local photographers also registered with PPA. One of them featured a beautiful family portrait with a backdrop that looked a bit familiar: Lake Pueblo with the Wet Mountains silhouetted behind.

Clearly my favorite spot in Pueblo is Lake Pueblo State Park. It’s such a treat to have this gorgeous oasis just a fifteen-minute drive from the house. My family and I have spent quite a bit of time out there and we’re getting familiar with it. I knew the spot I was looking for was close to the dam of the Pueblo Reservoir – the state park. After orienting Google Earth, I found the spot where that family portrait was taken.

The best spot in Pueblo for magnificent landscape views is Liberty Point Memorial. Get there at the right light and photographers will be rewarded with jaw-dropping landscapes that will make inspiring photos by themselves, not to mention offering priceless backdrops for portraits.

Here’s a few shots I took on our first excursion out to Liberty Point. I didn’t have much equipment on me, not even a tripod. What you see here was shot handheld with my Canon 5D Mark IV:

Liberty Point Memorial is located within state park grounds, but it’s free and open to the public. Give R2-D2 these coordinates and check this awesome place out for yourself – your eyes will thank you:

1398 South Liberty Point Boulevard
Pueblo West

Paddling Lake Pueblo



To showcase my video work, I’m sharing a video I just completed for my blog Screams from the Trees.

With all the rain and cool temps we’re having, I strapped a few yaks and paddle boards to the old mule and took the crew out for a quick trip to Lake Pueblo State Park. It’s just a fifteen-minute drive from the house – and the kids wonder why we don’t get a pool….



Now that I’m about to finally launch this project, it’s time to fine tune my social media platforms. I created profiles on Instagram and Facebook in March of 2020, right when we got hit with the COVID-19 lockdowns. That basically threw on the air brakes for this entire project, which has been sitting around idle until about three months ago.

So, as I’m about to launch and start promoting Unalome’s products and services – I’ll be tweaking Unalome’s profiles on Instagram and Facebook and using those platforms to market my goods. I sure could use your help as I get this thing off the ground – check me out and give Unalome Photography a like:



After fifteen months, I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Unalome Photography got totally derailed by COVID-19, shortly after I originally created this post. At the time I was building Unalome Photography with two friends of mine in the Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon. But the pandemic screwed us all. And Unalome Photography got shelved.

But I’m back! My family and I crash landed in Southern Colorado in August 2020. We have dug in our heels and started establishing ourselves in the local community. Me, my wife and three kids, we’ve been super busy.

First, I wrote a tourism book about Pueblo:

It was published in December 2020.

After that, I focused all of my attention on Screams from the Trees, my online project chronicling “One Man’s Search for Meaning”:

With that project moving forward, I shifted focus once again and gave all my attention to Unalome Photography. After three months of nonstop hustle, I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m ready to launch this thing!




Look at that date! The COVID-19 Pandemic had just hit us – businesses started shutting down – we were under a lockdown order in Oregon – we lost an offer on the sale of our home – and it also totally derailed this project.

As I write this now, it’s June 22, 2021. Well over a year later. What a chaotic year it’s been. And I have finally wrapped up my initial portfolio and I’m about to finally wrap up this website.

I’ve been sitting on my portfolio, the logo, and the skeletal frame of this website since March of 2020. So good to have it all finally done and about to launch.


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