Matt & Stevie



This is what happens when Plan A doesn’t work.

I was supposed to meet Stevie and Matt for a sunset photo shoot out at Liberty Point. En route, the clutch on Matt’s Harley went out. A few zip ties later and he rigged it enough to get the bike in gear, but there was no way they were going to make it to our shoot location.

Fortunately this happened early enough, and with sufficient light, to initiate a spontaneous Plan B. They were right at City Park in Pueblo, so I hopped in my truck and hustled from Liberty Point to meet them. When I arrived, we were running out of light and time. But Stevie had already found a great spot by a pond in City Park, so Matt pulled up on his bike and we went to work.

Thanks, Stevie & Matt! You were good sports about the situation and I think we walked away with some great smiles and just enough light left to give us some smooth tones for some shots I hope you’re proud of.