Film Restorations

Take a trip back in time to 1967 with Papa Tollie Sutterfield in Northwest Arkansas. These are his restored Super 8mm films:


  1. Linda’s baccalaureate at Sue’s dad’s Part 1 of Graduation (May 1967)
  2. Last Part of Linda’s graduation (May 11, 1967)
  3. Marshall graduation; Tolisa was flower girl at Bro. S during our revival at Calico (May 1967)
  4. At Bro. S at Norfork Dam and Fish Hatchery and our anniversary picture (May 1967)
  5. Picnic and fishing trip (June 1967) – Sue’s dad’s cattle – Missionettes at Hot Springs
  6. Sue and her family at Blanchard; Baptismal service at Big Creek – James Sutterfield helped at service; Taking Missionettes to Hot Springs; Baptismal June and July
  7. Morrow reunion at Big Flat; Thomas and Tollie J. playing; Naona and Richard leaving; Children’s crusade with Sis. S (August 1967)
  8. Billy and Betty R and me at Blanchard Springs; Sutterfield reunion near Big Creek (Sept. 1967); Puppies
  9. Sue’s Dad’s cattle and grandparents.
  10. Talmai’s birthday; puppies playing (Sept.); Sue’s 25th birthday
  11. Deer hunt, 9 point buck that I killed, squirrel hunt (Nov.-Dec.)
  12. Christmas 1967; Sunday school classes opening presents; First part of Christmas play
  13. Last part of Christmas play; Tolisa and Tollie J. opening their first Christmas gifts, etc.
  14. At Sue’s parents opening presents; Tollie J. opening presents
  15. Tollie J. and Tolisa opening presents
  16. Dad, mom, Talmai and Joel opening presents at our house; Opened presents from church; kids playing
  17. Dad’s 71st birthday at Big Flat; Kids playing in snow

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