Film Restorations

Take a trip back in time to December 1966 – April 1967. These are restored Super 8mm films from Papa Tollie Sutterfield in Northwest Arkansas:


The contents according to what Papa Tollie wrote on the reel case:

  1. Dad’s 70th birthday; Tolisa and Tollie J. in house (Dec. 1966); Pictures of us on the 31st
  2. Tollie J’s 2nd birthday; Valentine special; Sue (Feb. 1967)
  3. Sue’s dad’s birthday at their house, etc. (Feb. 1967)
  4. Fred and Sissy’s wedding; etc. (Feb. 1967)
  5. Tollie J’s haircut; making snow ice cream; egg hunt at Mrs. Horton’s by Tolisa’s class (April 1967)
  6. Easter 1967, Church dinner and egg hunt; 1st part of Tolisa’s 7th birthday (April 1967)
  7. Tolisa’s 7th birthday (last part); Us at St. Louis Airport and zoo (April 1967)
  8. In Illinois when Bro. Walker died; at St. Louis Airport (April 1967)

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